The Greek alphabet consists of 24 letters. You will be familiar with many of them.

Click on any letter to hear it pronounced.

α Αβ Βγ Γδ Δε Εζ Ζη Ηθ Θ
alpha betagammadeltaepsilonzetaetatheta
ι Ικ Κλ Λμ Μν Νξ Ξο Οπ Π
iota kappalambdamunuxiomicronpi
ρ Ρς Στ Τυ Υφ Φχ Χψ Ψω Ω
rho sigmatauupsilonphichipsiomega

Select between upper case, lower case or both. Show the name of each letter.

Go here to see how the alphabet is written.

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Listen to the whole alphabet.